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Cloud and Owl are a soundscaping DJ and production-duo based in the UK. Blending genres without willful eclecticism, the duo produce magical soundscapes underpinned by solid foundations of rhythm, journeying from woozy, soft lullaby sounds to hard, compulsive beats.

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Next performing at Alchemy Festival, Lincolnshire 18-10th Sept

Creating organic-electronic music to daydream and dance to.

Brought together by a shared love of frenetic dance energy, guitars and glam-dysfunction, it was during a lunar eclipse that GazCloud and Owlin Sanna first discovered a shared mysticism and adoration of melodic synth exploration. A desire to explore similar passions in a city which never sleeps had brought them both to London from their respective homes of Devon and Dublin. It was the best decision either of them had ever made.

The decision to start working together musically was an easy one. Gaz had been on the London scene for years, working as a resident DJ at Jet Black and Bleached at Electrowerkz, and hosting Pink Flamingo in Manchester’s URBIS Centre, as well as playing guest slots at the likes of Sankeys and Stay Beautiful. Gaz had also had a string of success playing bass, violin and keys with Marinetti, Villette and Patricide. Back in Dublin Owlin DJ’d at a variety of nights under the name 'Glitternova' whilst creating gentle melodic guitar sounds under the moniker Altesleben.

In 2012 they joined forces with Barricade Radio, launching their first show Insurgent Souls in their first month. For the next two years they broadcast for 2 hours every Thursday night, playing a mix of the eclectic and the classic, music from every sphere all round the globe. The one common theme, passion and creativity, music of now and then, the future. With this came new friendships, a release on Magico Meccannisimo Recordings the label of Southend synth masters WeirdGear. Collaborations soon followed with WeirdGear, Shinzu, Bioni Samp and Rumour Cubes

Citing a long list of influences from Tangerine Dream, Sasha & Digweed, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and System 7 through to Robert Anton Wilson, Haruki Murakami, Doctor Who, Shulginand the sunrise sky, Cloud and Owl seek to make music wrought with the beauty and chaos of nature with a blend of rhythmic beats and ethereal sounds.

Star-music. Earth-music. Sounds to get lost in.

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